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mcavoy sad

can you sympathize?

i need to write. i want to write. i really do. i want my words to come out pretty. i want my thoughts to be felt, even if its inaudible. i want you to understand, even when i don't. and i feel. i really do. i feel my emotions muffled and compressed under this boulder. this boulder as tremendous as our cosmic desert and as unrelentless as brick insults. can you sympathize? and i hear. when i don't see, i hear. i hear these slithers of word-lash, these hisses of cackling keyboards. then i envy. because i'm human, i envy-- i envy hatred's fluidity and i pity self expression. then i fear. i cower, i hide. i hide underneath this pot kettle. i see. oh, how i wish i didn't. i see so many shades of black. oh so many. when you can't beat them, i join them.

please don't save me now. i don't need to be saved.

i need to hiss, i need to slither, underneath this pot kettle.
so many shades of black. oh so many.


little girl: why do you write?
me: because i don't have a choice.