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mcavoy sad

pawns and you.

your networth is $248948.

really, its about who you know. your big-shot name pumpers, these are your friends, your access, your price scanners. when you have this kind of mindset, you see everything in the context of 'marketable'. by today's standards, real art is defined by 'will. this. sell?' sure, anyone can recreate shakespeare, but will it fall into the laps of every teenage girl this side of corporate america? unless you can convert 'poetry' into big bucks, too freaking bad.

same concept with people. we are the objects of society.
we are the children of tomorrow.

this is our great depression.
mcavoy sad

postitnote thought # 3 - cages with velvet bars.

can you think to yourself without thinking to the public anymore?

dig deep down, and you'll find that you excessively confide in the street lights
that are really only company until they flicker away into the night.

howling at the industrial moon juice, screams are lost, faded into the hectic city buzz,
where people tangled in their silk cling to their own hands and part with their souls.

frustrated, taped to an obsession of control,
you break down the universe.