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mcavoy sad


imagine a heart, the way a child would draw it.
what passes off as the symbol for love:
two fucked up C's meeting at each end,
like an alcoholic got a hold of a pencil,
deluded as he is, vomits through it.

the way a 14 year old man would draw it, imagine a heart.
at the pubescent peak of your adolescent years, nothing's good enough anymore.
so you strive for accuracy, completeness

instead of red, its crayoned the shade of burnt cigarette
the arteries are pipes, they run into the aorta
the coronary artery, a vein shaped like a wrinkle
                                    where the 'I + I = 4Ever' would be.
                                                                                     should be.

now, imagine a heart;
the way a 30 year old boy would draw it.

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mcavoy sad

formula of the exploding boy.

It'll be about 2 PM by the time I untangle my train of thought, and 2:10 when I type, rinse, repeat. By 2 PM, it'll be 2 hours until church. Spiritual enlightenment at 4:00 PM, bring a dollar. Turn, rinse, repent. If my head's traveling at a rate of 99.99% of light speed(the rate of which it takes two ions to collide and recreate the big bang), and my heart's traveling at the same rate my head is, at approximately what time will it be when the universe collapses on itself, assuming both subjects are both hardly anatomical? The rate of resurrection?

Trick question, you can't calculate my humanity.